*NEW!* Genuine FujiFilm CT351368 Drum Cartridge for Apeos C5570 70K each [R1/R2/R3/R4]

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fujifilm apeos C4830

Fujifilm CT351368 Drum Cartridge for Apeos C5570 A3 Digital Printer R1/R2/R3/R4 (70K)


Fujifilm CT351368 imaging units, engineered for your Fujifilm printer or multifunction, are single, compact, light-weight units, ensuring clean and easy replacement. Genuine Fujifilm printers and supplies - They're Made for Each Other. 

  • Genuine Fujifilm maintenance items are designed to keep your Fujifilm equipment operating efficiently and delivering the best quality.
  • Genuine Fujifilm supplies print perfectly every time - so by reducing waste you reduce printing costs, streamline business processes and produce vibrant, stunning prints from the first to the last.
  • Total peace of mind with a full manufacturers warranty.
  • Fast delivery Australia wide - minimise downtime and stay productive.
  • Fujifilm Product Code: CT351368
Suitable for
Fujifilm Apeos C5570


A drum unit transfers the image onto the paper in a laser printer. Not all printers need a seperate drum unit. Drum units are used in conjuction with toner cartridges that do not have the drum unit included. Mono printers have one drum, colour printers can either have one drum for all four colours, or four drums (one for each colour - black, cyan, magenta and yellow).

fujifilm apeos

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