HP #67XL Black Ink 3YM57AA 3YM57AA

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Suitable For Printers: HP DeskJet 2300,HP Deskjet 2330,HP Deskjet 2332,HP DeskJet 2700,HP DeskJet 2720,HP DeskJet 2720e,HP DeskJet 2721,HP DeskJet 2721e,HP DeskJet 2722,HP DeskJet 2722e,HP DeskJet 2723,HP DeskJet 2723e,HP Deskjet 4100e,HP DeskJet 4120e,HP DeskJet 4121e,HP DeskJet 4122e,HP DeskJet 4123e,HP DeskJet Plus 4100,HP DeskJet Plus 4120,HP DeskJet Plus 4121,HP DeskJet Plus 4122,HP DeskJet Plus 4123,HP Envy 6020,HP Envy 6020e,HP Envy 6030,HP ENVY 6030e,HP Envy 6032,HP Envy 6032e,HP Envy 6034,HP ENVY 6034e,HP Envy 6420e,HP Envy 6430e,HP Envy Pro 6420,HP Envy Pro 6430,

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